Sep. 27th, 2009 12:55 am
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Due to the enormously slow wireless at my resort, I didn't get around to watching the Heroes premiere until this evening. So I went back on the friendspage to see what was said about it and found only one entry! Is no one watching this anymore? That makes me sad. I still really enjoy it.

So I'll just go ahead and talk about the things I loved

Sylar, SYLAR, SYLAR! Seriously, how did the character I hated the most in season 1 become one of my favorites? Could it be the complete awesomeness of Zachary Quinto? I think so! At any rate, I'm really glad that the character is still being played by Quinto and that we are not just seeing Sylar in Nathan.

Also, NATHAN is another thing I love. I really hope we get to keep Adrian Pasdar all season. I'm still annoyed that he's not really "Nathan" anymore, but I'm interested in seeing where they go with this. If the Sylar in Matt's head can't return to his body, there could be some serious havoc.  Also also, Adrian Pasdar has a great ass! We knew that already, but it deserves to be said. Breathtaking LOL All this from the briefest of moments when he sat on the edge of his desk. I can't help it.

Peter, PETER. Peter running around being a hero. But wait, so now that he's grabbed Ray Park's power, he still kept the original strength he got from Suresh? I thought at this point that Peter could no longer accumulate powers, but only traded them. Or did he lose the strength when he adopted the speed power? Is Confused!

Still love Claire. And HRG.

Hiro, still annoying. But Ando, still not annoying. Shame he has to hang out with Hiro.

Tracy can go now. But so glad Denko is DEAD.

Not sure how I feel about Robert Knepper yet. We'll see if I can get over my residual Tea-bag loathing.

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