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So this is a show that sort of snuck up on me. When I first started watching it, I didn't care for the dark tone of it compared to the previous two Stargate series. I've always been a fan of Stargate's lightheartedness. And I didn't like any of the SG-U characters. I thought they were all assholes.

Well, most of them really are assholes, but somehow I'm curious about where things are going and I always want to know what is going to happen every week and I think part of it is the fact that the writers and actors don't shirk away from the fact that some of the main characters are complete PRICKS. I mean, shit, it is actually hard to decide who is the bigger asshole -- Colonel Young or Doctor Rush?

I think the personal dynamics are really interesting. Especially since for the most part I think that Rush is normally right about everything. But he's such a dick about it that it is impossible to actually root for him or want to take his side. Young, on the other hand, is no less a prick, but because he is generally more civil, he seems more reasonable -- even though he is almost always wrong. And then you find out he had no qualms about leaving Rush to die on that planet. Who is the bigger scumbag here? I think we have a winner! I can't even imagine O'Neill making the kinds of decisions this guy has made. It just wouldn't happen.

And the whole military/civilian issue. Camille is right. The civilians should be running the show, but she's a conniver so it is hard to root for her too. And now they are all stuck with this military dictatorship basically. Because you can't beat the guys with the guns. It's funny, these are some of the exact same issues that were addressed on BSG and yet it feels so different here -- in a way, it feels a lot more real -- maybe because I can imagine it because these are all Earth humans. And I can just see that if were were somehow stuck someplace with a military unit and couldn't get back home, I can just see how the shit would go down exactly like this -- with a dangerously foolhardy Colonel in charge and not ever listening to the one guy who knows stuff and we'd all be so FUCKED.

So anyway, that's a long way round to say -- I think I'm leaving the Berkshires a day early so I can watch Stargate Universe on my HD TV instead of the crap tv here :)


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