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In either June or July a new law comes into effect in the US that tobacco products can no longer be shipped via USPS. It's called PACT. As a result, a few small companies that sell tobacco speciality products like snuff are moving to the UK. I occasionally use nasal snuff and since it can basically keep forever I decided to order a bunch before they all moved and the shipping prices went up. So I ordered 13 different kinds, figuring I might as well try out a bunch.

Now normally, I might do a pinch or two a week or maybe every couple of weeks.But when the box arrived this afternoon I was opening all of them up to smell and they smelled so good I decided to start trying them out. All of them. All THIRTEEN. Now my nose won't stop running. And running. And running. And I cannot stop because they just taste and smell so fucking good!

These are the flavors I got -- Toffee, Christmas Pudding, Whisky Honey, Vanilla, Clove, Cola Champagne, and Absinthe. OMG the Absinthe and the Clove BURN. But man, they are good.

Oh and two different types of chocolate.  And then a few other flavors which have names that don't really indicate the flavor and the flavors themselves are hard to describe, but they are delish and actually my favorites.

But I need to make myself stop before I run out of tissue!!! So good.

If you are a smoker and you've ever thought about quitting, you should try switching to nasal snuff. You would probably never go back to cigarettes. I never did.
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