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2010-05-28 11:55 pm


 I was going to attempt to cross-post between here and LJ, but for some reason Dreamwidth won't let me change my subject line. Why oh why does it say Sentinel? And it won't let me to access list only... it's only allowing public. Any clues, gang?? Damn it!
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2010-05-28 11:55 pm

Eminem Recovery Leak

I'm not even halfway through it yet and I can confidently say it is 100% times better than Relapse. In fact, it may be his best album, but I should really listen to the whole thing before I declare that LOL

He samples Ozzie Osbourne on track 6.
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2010-05-28 11:55 pm


A few days ago I started watched The Sentinel. I've seen the first three episodes so far and I don't know what makes me laugh more -- the bad acting, the bad script or the bad direction. I think it is when all three combine that I have the most fun :)

It's funny, but I have heard people talk about this fandom for years and I never had any idea about this show -- and it turns out that it features one of my favorite, "Hey, it's that Guy!" guys -- Richard Burgi. Man, I would have watched this YEARS ago if I'd known. Of course, I actually had no idea what his name was until a few days ago LOL, but whenever I see him on shows I watch (and I believe he's been on EVERY show I've ever watched, I always think, "that dude is hot").

But I'm sorry. Sorry I have to say this. The other guy -- Blair --- NO. How can people slash them? He's a little nerdy pipsqueak!!! And he needs a freaking HAIRCUT!!
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2010-05-02 02:15 am


In either June or July a new law comes into effect in the US that tobacco products can no longer be shipped via USPS. It's called PACT. As a result, a few small companies that sell tobacco speciality products like snuff are moving to the UK. I occasionally use nasal snuff and since it can basically keep forever I decided to order a bunch before they all moved and the shipping prices went up. So I ordered 13 different kinds, figuring I might as well try out a bunch.

Now normally, I might do a pinch or two a week or maybe every couple of weeks.But when the box arrived this afternoon I was opening all of them up to smell and they smelled so good I decided to start trying them out. All of them. All THIRTEEN. Now my nose won't stop running. And running. And running. And I cannot stop because they just taste and smell so fucking good!

These are the flavors I got -- Toffee, Christmas Pudding, Whisky Honey, Vanilla, Clove, Cola Champagne, and Absinthe. OMG the Absinthe and the Clove BURN. But man, they are good.

Oh and two different types of chocolate.  And then a few other flavors which have names that don't really indicate the flavor and the flavors themselves are hard to describe, but they are delish and actually my favorites.

But I need to make myself stop before I run out of tissue!!! So good.

If you are a smoker and you've ever thought about quitting, you should try switching to nasal snuff. You would probably never go back to cigarettes. I never did.
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2010-04-30 01:48 am

Stargate Universe

So this is a show that sort of snuck up on me. When I first started watching it, I didn't care for the dark tone of it compared to the previous two Stargate series. I've always been a fan of Stargate's lightheartedness. And I didn't like any of the SG-U characters. I thought they were all assholes.

Well, most of them really are assholes, but somehow I'm curious about where things are going and I always want to know what is going to happen every week and I think part of it is the fact that the writers and actors don't shirk away from the fact that some of the main characters are complete PRICKS. I mean, shit, it is actually hard to decide who is the bigger asshole -- Colonel Young or Doctor Rush?

I think the personal dynamics are really interesting. Especially since for the most part I think that Rush is normally right about everything. But he's such a dick about it that it is impossible to actually root for him or want to take his side. Young, on the other hand, is no less a prick, but because he is generally more civil, he seems more reasonable -- even though he is almost always wrong. And then you find out he had no qualms about leaving Rush to die on that planet. Who is the bigger scumbag here? I think we have a winner! I can't even imagine O'Neill making the kinds of decisions this guy has made. It just wouldn't happen.

And the whole military/civilian issue. Camille is right. The civilians should be running the show, but she's a conniver so it is hard to root for her too. And now they are all stuck with this military dictatorship basically. Because you can't beat the guys with the guns. It's funny, these are some of the exact same issues that were addressed on BSG and yet it feels so different here -- in a way, it feels a lot more real -- maybe because I can imagine it because these are all Earth humans. And I can just see that if were were somehow stuck someplace with a military unit and couldn't get back home, I can just see how the shit would go down exactly like this -- with a dangerously foolhardy Colonel in charge and not ever listening to the one guy who knows stuff and we'd all be so FUCKED.

So anyway, that's a long way round to say -- I think I'm leaving the Berkshires a day early so I can watch Stargate Universe on my HD TV instead of the crap tv here :)
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2010-04-20 11:06 pm

New Blog Post on Deadly Premonitions

I just dusted off my main pop culture blog, Fleeting Obsessions. Yes, as if I don't have enough journals and places to post already, right? But if you are interested in reading, I just posted my Review of Deadly Premonitions -- note, it contains spoilers for the endgame. Have fun!
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2010-04-07 04:25 pm

For my gaming friends

Deadly Premonition is currently Amazon's Deal of the Day.

If you have an XBox 360, I HIGHLY recommend this game. It is already cheap at the normal price and now it is even a better deal today!. $14.95. Extremely fun, quirky game. If you like Twin Peaks you will like this. It is sort of an open world horror/detective game. Crazy script! Best cut scenes in a game ever LOL
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2010-04-05 10:36 pm

Dear Fake Comcast TiVo thing

You are pissing me off. Please tell me why you did not record Gossip Girl tonight? And please tell me why you didn't record David Gilmour's concert, "Live in Gdansk" yesterday.

And don't try and pretend you didn't know about it by failing to mention anything in the "Recording History". I know there was new Gossip Girl tonight and yet... there's no explanation why you didn't grab it!!

*stabbity stab*

If it were just me, I'd be switching back to Directv already. But alas, I can't don't it right now because the family wouldn't appreciate it. None of them rely on the DVR features like I do. And my mother ported her phone over to Comcast and is saving lots of money on her phone bill.

But as soon as I get to FLORIDA (oh yes, plans are back on, hahahaha!), you can bet your damn ass I am not putting up with this Fake TiVo box anymore. TiVo software does not adequately replace TiVo hardware. I have learned this the hard way. Ugh.

I think I will be making the jump to home theater PC at that point. We shall see.
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2010-04-04 07:30 am

Timothy Olyphant, yum!

I just watched six episodes of Deadwood. I would watch more RIGHT NOW, but I have to sleep sometime.

So was Timothy Olyphant just made to be a cowboy or what?? DAMN. Oh, and I really like where he wears his Marshalls badge on Justified ;)
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2010-03-18 07:57 pm

White Collar season finale

I finally got around to watching the White Collar season finale this week. My love for this show has gone through the roof, all because of one thing.

spoiler! )
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2010-03-12 10:49 pm

Well, LJ finally did it

The affiliate link bullshit was pretty much the thing to get me off my lazy ass. Oh and me and my old LJ username are divorced. Fresh start with a nice public journal again. If you carefully consider my default icon however, it should be easy to work out who I am :)

I'm importing all of my entries from the other place. I don't think I have the stamina to go back through and review everything for unlock, but I'll be going back and unlocking all fic entries at the very least. And from here on out, I'm hoping to keep this public. That was always my preference.

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2009-09-27 12:55 am


Due to the enormously slow wireless at my resort, I didn't get around to watching the Heroes premiere until this evening. So I went back on the friendspage to see what was said about it and found only one entry! Is no one watching this anymore? That makes me sad. I still really enjoy it.

So I'll just go ahead and talk about the things I loved

in the premiere )